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  1. Multi-Client Facility
  2. Dedicated Warehouse
  3.  Built to Suit
  4. Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
  5.  Kitting and other Value added services, WMS and RFID/Barcodes
  6. Excise Bonded Warehousing
  7. Transit and Cross dock Warehousing

Vendor Managed Inventory

  1. End to End Supply chain
  2. Pickup form Supplier-Hold near Customer-Feed customer on demand basis Model
  3. Involves line haul, Warehousing, value addition and last mile delivery
  4. Value addition like kitting, local invoicing, Repacking, Inspection, Rework etc

After Market / Spares Order Management

  1. Spare Parts warehouse Movement
  2. Manual and Portal Order processing
  3. Rush Order / Warranty and other urgent order executions
  4. Kitting and Other Value added services like Barcodes, WMS
  5. Picking and Packing
  6. Inventory management and Stock optimization at Dealers end
  7. Mother / Satellite warehouses


  1.  Milk Run Operations (Hub and Spokes)
  2.  Line Haul Movement
  3.  Last Mile Delivery
  4.  JIT / JITS / Kanban  movements
  5.  Inland Container Movement and  Depot Management
  6. Stuffing and De-stuffing

In-Plant Logistics Supports

  1. Overall plant Material Handling operations
  2. Involves in Receiving, Storage, Line feeding (Production Support) and dispatches including documentation. Create PFEP and Maintaining
  3. Involved in layout and analysis. 
  4. Yard Management for Raw Materials.
  5. Finished Goods Yard Management

Other Specialized Services :

  1. MRO Management - (Maintenance, Repair and Operation)
  2. Reverse Logistics Management
  3. Scheduling and Follow ups
  4. Warehouse Management System (WMS) Deployment and Barcode labeling
  5. Export and Imports Handling
  6. Supply Chain Engineering & Consultancy
  7. Special Projects - Task Based Support

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